New for 2016

Please note that you can no longer post scores when you are playing alone. You are allowed to post scores when playing with strangers.

The tournament committee will no longer enter scores for Match Play and 4Ball. These should be entered by the golfers themselves as an “H” (home) and not a “T” (tournament) score. The USGA has recommended that clubs cut down on events designated as “Tournament” scores.

You can no longer enter scores achieved by anchoring a club.

For a more detailed explanation on these and other changes:

Score Corrections

As in the past, if you need any scores corrected there will be a sheet next to the computer in the clubhouse to mark down exactly what correction you want made to a round of golf. All corrections should be made by the handicap chairman within a few days or so but for faster service send him and email at

Free App

A FREE mobile app is available to all MGA members through the Android Market and the Apple App Store. Download the FREE app by searchng for “GHIN Mobile.” The app allows golfers to post scores, check their scoring history, look up USGA Handicap Indexes and follow the latest news and events from via a scrolling ticker.

April 1 2016, you can start posting scores from rounds played in Minnesota.

If you posted Minnesota scores played before this day please let me know so I can delete them. Email-Handicap Chair

FYI: All tournament scores from our events will be posted by our tournament committee. Please do not post these yourself.

And remember we're using COURSE HANDICAPS and not TRENDS for our tournaments.


John Greig - Handicap Chair

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